Importance Of SEO To Your Tampa Business

So you have a brand new website for your local business in Tampa Bay and you’re waiting for the huge flood of traffic to come from the world wide web to your shiny new site.  This is just not reality for today’s web.  There are so many other companies with their own brand new shiny that are in direct competition to you.  That IS the reality of the web and search engine traffic.  This is why EVERY website that wants to be found via searches should get basic search engine optimization done to it.  SEO is a large set of criteria that will make the search engines be able to see your website as the most relevant and best search result for your particular best search terms or in other words optimized for search engine marketing.

The tasks involved in search engine optimization can be as basic as writing content that is very relevant to your perfect keyword search phrase and inputting the proper keywords and title to your post or page.  This is considered on-page seo.  There are many schools of thought regarding on-page seo, but that is the same with all aspects of search engine optimization.  Many digital marketing companies that perform search engine optimization services concentrate their efforts of off-page seo.  This is going out to the inter webs and finding places that are relevant to your content and acquiring links back to that content from these sites that contain credibility in the marketplace for the search terms you are optimizing for.

So when you hear a company talk about going out and getting links, this is in essence what they’re speaking about.  The process of getting these links can be time-consuming and frustrating for most people, so some companies have come up with software that scours the web for areas put these links for you. Now five years ago, this software worked very well and going out and finding proper areas to put links in some cases actually putting the links there also. These are little robots that went out and automatically did your ”link building” for you.  The Google search engine got wise to the software programs and the way they are manipulating the search results so they made a huge change to their basic search algorithm that took the focus off of the sheer number of links and put more focus on the relevance and quality of links to these sites. So the job of the Digital Marketing Company became more difficult again.

This is why you have to be careful when you hire companies to do your optimization to your website. Optimizing your website is the most important thing you can do for your business. More and more people are searching for services and products online and you want to have your business website to be the first to show up when somebody searches for the services you perform. This could literally be the difference between success and failure of a business. Exposure is everything, new customers are the lifeblood of a business. There is no better way to get exposure and in turn get new customers than to be at the top of the search engine results for the most relevant term or terms for your business.